Welcome to Matterverse!

note: this white paper is still work-in-progress. However, if you are excited to talk to us and learn more, feel free to join our community or reach out to us for partnership opportunities!
Matterverse is bringing true metaverse into reality by cloud-native techstack with Web3 empowered economy & community.
We want you to do anything that you would do in the real world but without the limitation of the physical realm.
Matterverse inhabitants can build their avatar, home, experiences and even their own GameFi, all within this open-world sandbox. In the abstract sense, Ethererum achieved Turing Completeness for blockchain, and we are on our way to achieving Turing Completeness for Metaverse.
Our goal is to create a digital world that can bring people closer to each other, express their passion and build their dreams.
The best part... it is ready and coming to you sooner than you think! 🚀
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