💰Community Treasury

A community treasury has been set up to manage the platform's funding and ensure a gradual smooth transition towards community ownership and community governance.

Initial Token Allocation for Community Treasury

Community treasury accounts for 51% of the initial token allocation for #MATT token (~ 1 billion tokens). It is further broken down into 4 major parts:
Proportion in Community Treasury
Metaverse Fund
Rendering Centers & Edge Points
Community Incentive & Marketing
Creators Grants & Scholarships
  • Metaverse Fund The Metaverse Fund can be used by the managing team AND/OR the Matterverse DAO to continue the development of the platform as deemed necessary in order to fulfill the vision of building the true metaverse. This includes continuous product iterations, system patches, gameplay designs, and more.
  • Rendering Centers & Edge Points Portions of transactions within our platform will be committed to building, expanding, and maintaining custom cloud rendering clusters to deliver our breathtaking, accessible & fun metaverse experiences on any device.
    Community members can pledge their own GPU machines into our render network to help us provide better edge computing capacities to more Matterverse inhabitants and earn #MATT tokens as a reward for their work.
  • Community Incentive & Marketing: Tokens are also reserved to help Matterverse build a growing and inclusive community through 1) general marketing: discretionary use by the managing team AND/OR the DAO, 2) referral mining: for new sign-ups and referrals that help grow the userbase, and 3) reward issuance: tokens to be claimed as an early supporter, such as early pioneer passport, land, and badge owner.
  • Creators Grants & Scholarships: Creators could apply for grants to help build the landscape and landmarks in MatterCity. More scholarship is also available for developers/creators to apply to rent spaces or build games on MatterCity's ecosystem. The approval of the grants/scholarship is decided by the managing team AND/OR the Matterverse DAO.

Token Redistribution