Matter City: A expanding city of roughly 100 square km (or 38 sq Mile) that has 5 zones with distinct styles and amenities. Players can explore, socialize and work in this vast and vibrant future city. Each zone has a library of assets and design guidelines for creators to maintain visual consistency and minimize resource constrain.
Our world is centred on "Social First." We focus on player communication, exploration, and creation, rather than "shooting, action, and explosion." Therefore, the vast majority of our content will only light gamification elements, such as gathering, problem-solving, and challenges that everyone can participate in. However, we do have a dedicated area for some more thrill and excitement. This is also a design choice to accommodate a bridge between the physical and virtual world, grounding our metaverse to reality and things people are familiar with.
Side note: We also want to aviod scnarios that will bring bad PR to our partner. Nobody wants to see somewhere wearing your brand while commit attrocities.🤡