The Dual Token Model


Matterverse uses a "Dual Token Model" in order to help creators, players, brands, and token holders get the best from our metaverse.

#MATT is the staking token that holders wish to hold and stake, because it represents the value of our platform and is expected to grow. #VRSE is the spending token that players can easily earn and spend in the game, being used as the native currency in MatterCity.



Governance Token to purchase land & pioneer passports and participate in the MatterCity governance

Utility Token used to perform in-game tasks, purchase sing-use items, and earn from our reward issuance

Total Supply

2 billion


Token Model



Use Case

Invest & Stake

Earn & Spend

How the Dual Token Model Improves our Ecosystem

Separating the governance token and utility token allows us to avoid compliance issues and improve the overall game experience.

In many countries/regions, a token will be under strict securities regulations especially if it is a governance token and also used in fundraising. This will make the platform's operation too inflexible to adjust mechanisms in the game.

Also, as holding and staking the #MATT token will bring more returns to its token holders, we might see a "hoarding effect" where fewer players are willing to spend the token and causing the delays in our in-game circular economy.

Overall, this dual token model protects the interests of all stakeholders and participants of Matterverse.

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