🏅 The Challenges

To get there, we first have to solve 3 key challenges within the current state of the web.
1) Ownership & Identity
2) Content Creation & Presentation
3) Economy & Reward Mechanism

Ownership & Identity

For now, NFTs are mainly just digital collectibles for crypto enthusiasts, but it can be way more than that. What if we combine virtual identity, avatar, membership and ownership into 1 package, enabling a new way of data & decision interfacing for consumer preference, loyalty, and habits while maintaining user privacy, powered by smart contracts. A free and frictionless virtual web.

Content Creation & Presentation

On the presentation side, people are pouring towards lightweight, stylized metaverses, while neglecting breakthroughs in computing graphics such as real-time raytracing. Combining these breakthroughs with a cloud native system, makes a self-evolving & realistic virtual city viable for the first time in human history.
We will no longer need to wait for patches and update cycles like traditional games, rather everything will happen in real-time, governed by DAO. Moreover, a world that needs no loading or download, accessible from anywhere on any device -- A truly LIVE metaverse.

Economy & Reward Mechanism

Building this world is a huge undertaking requiring talents from all aspects. The Matterverse platform will provide tools and guidelines for which the community can develop and build a complete universe alongside the Matterverse team. Just like the birth of a real nation, opportunities arise within this emerging community of people, creators, businesses and investors.
Finally, the real killer web3 application is going to completely break what has been possible with the current web ecosystem. This application will eliminate barriers between different aspect and intentions of life. Rather than choosing to open an app for shopping or messaging, the web3 experience will naturally incorporate shopping into social, and vice versa--kinda like how a market works in real life. This may seem impossible for some, but it wasn't that long ago when people thought big social media and e-commerce platforms(or web2) were impossible.