Token & The Creator Economy

Matterverse is Committed To Be Creators First, Community Defined

1. World Builders -- Creating Landmarks & Buildings

This type of creator will be rewarded #MATT for their contribution to improving and materializing this vast open world. As the owner of these landmarks and buildings, they will also receive a share of transactions that occurred within the area that they have created.

2. Rule Makers -- Contributing To Core Game Features

This type of creator will be rewarded #MATT for their work that supports the foundation of Matterverse. Creators will be able to create their private GameFi experiences or full-on game modes in the [Μ²Μ…$Μ²Μ…(βŠ—Μƒβ€―ΝœΚ–βŠ—Μƒ)Μ²Μ…$Μ²Μ…] Zone to earn #VRSE from players.

3. Freelancers & Artists -- Bringing In The Creativity

Freelancers & artists can produce their own content that can include virtual fashion, trinkets, interior design, 3D models, or even tattoos. These contents can be traded directly within Matterverse for #VRSE to other Matterverse inhabitants. Freelancers can also contract for other players within the Matterverse Economy, i.e. working as a designer for a fashion show.

4. Performers, Organizer, KOL -- Wildcard Community Content

People can organize events, sing, perform, and roleplay within Matterverse and we want to encourage this type of player-driven content by creating a community incentive program that weekly rewards for the best community content with #VRSE.

5. The Gamemasters -- Keeping The Peace & Love

Players can join our gamemaster guild to help the community enforce guidelines and rules to keep Matterverse away from toxicity, racism, and sexism commonly seen in other virtual worlds. Making Matterverse a vibrant, friendly and empowering metaverse that makes people want to live in. Gamemasters will have special access to the gamemaster's guild and be rewarded with #MATT

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