🧑‍💻 Our Breakthroughs

1) Cloud Native Rendering System with Smart Autoscaling
We are using powerful graphics chips on the cloud to provide high fidelity visuals at any devices with a stable internet connection with our in-house RTC protocols. But traditional cloud gaming technology alone isn't scalable in the long run. Thus, we are building a distributed rendering and storage system across data centres to minimize file sharing, update sync, and rendering overheads to each end users.
2) Realtime Creation & Publishing onto Live Matterverse Builds
A cloud native system is the only viable option for real time content updating & syncing over a vast user pool. People will no longer need to wait for patches to go live, download them, install, then reboot, to experience the wonders of Matterverse.
3) Hybrid Phygital Economy System That Supports Transaction of Both Virtual & Physical Assets
Because of our approach towards realism, businesses and brands within the psychical realm are eager to hop on Matterverse as their way to embrace the web3 trend. We are drafting partnerships with a few notable brands to bring Metaverse-to-Physical into a reality.
We do things that matter to everyone and bridge the gap between our physical and virtual economy, thus Matterverse.